luni, 10 ianuarie 2011

Dupa cateva ore de munca, iata ce am reusit sa fac azi: un om de zapada crosetat, mic, infrigurat dar zambitor. El va pleca departe de casa si si-a pregatit pachetelul pentru drum: ciocolata. Mmm! :-)

After a few hours of work, this is what I managed to make today: a small crochet-made snowman, frozen but smiling. He will leave the house for a lady who lives far away and so he prepared his food for the trip: chocolate. Yummi! :-)

3 comentarii:

Dear Jo spunea...

Oh, Another lovely snowman. And who wouldn't love to travel on a diet of chocolates :))))))

Simone spunea...

Is it for someone I know???? ;)

Cristina spunea...

Well, behind him it's a little bottle of liqueur, for he has to resist to the cold weather, but I thought it would not be nice to show it, it might got misinterpreted :-))))). This is why I also didn't made him a nose, so nobody would see it's color! :-)))))

Yes, Simone, you guessed right, it's for someone you know! ;-)))