duminică, 16 ianuarie 2011

Iata ca din joaca mea cu inimioarele a iesit ceva mai serios: cineva a vazut ce am lucrat si mi-a cerut sa-i fac o fata de masa mai mare, pe care sa o dea cadou prietenei sale, nascuta pe 14 februarie. Dupa trei zile de munca, iata ce a iesit:

From playing with the little red hearts came something more serious: somebody saw them and asked me to make her a table cloth, which she intended to give to her friend as a gift for her birthday, on the 14th of February. After three days of work, this is the result:

Intre timp, o alta joaca prinde contur: omuletii de zapada. Am avut inspiratia sa mai lucrez unul si a iesit o "femeie de zapada":-))), cu palariuta si mantie din lana, ca pentru o doamna cocheta:

Meanwhile, I continue playing with the little snowmen, only it turned out to be a "snow woman" :-))), with hat and wool coat, as for a real lady:

 Mi-a facut o placere deosebita sa o lucrez :-))) Si mi-am amintit si cel de-al doilea model de snur crosetat pe care il lucram cu mare drag acum ceva ani.

It has been a pleasure to make her :-))) And I also remembered how to make the second  ribbon-laced crochet model, which I was making some years ago.

2 comentarii:

Dear Jo spunea...

The tablecoth (topper or runner, what ever :)))))
has turned out lovely. The lady must be more then pleased with your work!
And snowmen need women too, so well done!

Cristina spunea...

Eh, well, she is more like a mother than a wife! :-))) Yes, the lady who wanted the table cloth was pleased enaugh so she recomended me to another lady ;-). Sorry for the delay in answering, the computer almost crashed and we had to take it fast to the computer-doctor and save its life :-))).

Hugs and kisses,