sâmbătă, 8 ianuarie 2011

Mi-am amintit zilele trecute de acest model de snur crosetat, pe care il lucram cu mare placere candva. Si ca atunci, l-am lucrat cu mare bucurie, mai ales ca un nou proiect incepe sa prinda contur in mintea mea (bineinteles ca am un quilt neterminat, bineinteles :-) ). Un quilt pentru masa, pe tonuri de bej cald, cu accente rosii dulci, la care cred ca acest snur se va potrivi de minune. Acum, ca am gasit ideea si snurul, pot spune ca mai am nevoie de putin, "doar trei potcoave si calul" si am rezolvat problema noului quilt! :-))))))))))).

I remembered a few days ago this ribbon-lace crochet model, that I was making with great pleasure in the past. And like in those days, I made it with great joy, given the fact that a new project is growing in my mind (of course I still have an unfinished quilt, of course :-) ). It will be a table cloth, made with warm beige tones, with sweet red accents, and I am sure that this ribbon will fit perfectly. Now that I have found the idea and the ribbon, I need only a few things, "just the other three horseshoes and the horse himself"* and I have the new quilt! :-)))))))

* For those of you who don't know, this is a Romanian expression. When someone has a big and difficult task in front of him and he made just a few steps towards that goal, a lot more remaining to be done, his friends are encouraging him: "well, you wanted to have a horse, you have one horseshoe, you have to do a small thing: just get the other three horseshoes and the horse itself and you're done!"

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Dear Jo spunea...

I love your snowman :)))))) Ofcourse I do, I adore snowmen of any kind.
What a great idea for a table-topper. I wish I could do some crochet, but that is the only thing I never could learn. One way or other it's just not my thing :((((( But it looks great. And what a great expression about the horse and the horseshoes. It is definitly one to remember. Thanks for explaining. This way we learn something every day.

A big hug,

Cristina spunea...

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I know you love snowmen and... no, my lips are sealed! :-)))
And few things are so refreshing like a good laugh, isn't it? :-)))

Hugs and kisses,