joi, 23 iunie 2011

Teii sunt in floare si umplu aerul cu parfumul lor, e o nebunie ametitoare!

The lime trees are in full bloom and they fill the air with their perfume, it's madness!

Si din nou imi ies in cale crini, albi, grei de parfum si polen.

I have lillies again, white lillies, emanating heavy, amazing perfume.

Atata frumusete si parfum! Sa aveti o noapte inmiresmata!

So much beauty and so much perfume! May you have a beautiful night!

Un comentariu:

Dear Jo spunea...

The gardens are so beautiful this time of year. We do not have lime trees in Holland, but I remember the smell from when I lived in Sardinia. Lovely!!! My Butterfly Tree is ready to bloom and then the butterflies will come and the Hibiscus is opening up and so many more wonderful flowers. Such joy!!!