miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

A venit vacanta de vara si fiica mea are in sfarsit timp sa se ocupe de ceva lucru manual. Si-a propus sa faca un quilt si a inceput cu cateva medalioane. Iata-l pe primul, terminat azi:

The summer holiday just started and my beloved daughter has finally time to do some artwork as she long dreamt about. She wants to make a quilt and she started stiching. Here is the first block:

Imediat a trecut la al doilea bloc:
She then quickly started the next block:

Eu? Crosetez ca vantul si ca gandul, caci am doua comenzi care asteapta de ceva vreme.
Me? Crochet, baby, crochet! I have two orders and I have no time to waste :-))).

Doar cateva minute de relaxare intr-o seara calda de vara ;-).
Just a few minutes of relaxation in a warm summer night ;-).

4 comentarii:

Simone spunea...

Are your fingers sore yet, of all the crocheting? The stitcheries of your daughter are looking great. And the cherries too.... ;)

ria vogelzang spunea...

You crochet is lovely! And the cherries and lovely glass of wine (?) also.
The project your daughter is working on is so great! I have the pattern also, but didn't start it yet....
Enjoy your day!

Dear Jo spunea...

Oh, my young dear friend makes me proud :)))) The stitcheries look amazing and it is such a difficult project to start with. Keep up this wonderful work!!!!!!

Cristina spunea...

@Simone: No, my fingers are not sore yet, I'm a long runner / crochet-er! :-)))

@Ria: Yes, a glass of red wine for us, cherries for our daughter, lillies for all of you! :-)

@Jolanda: I helped her a little on the writing, but in time I'm sure she will stich by herself everything. The important thing is that she likes doing this, she is really into it and that she gets more confidence in her skills day by day. So yes, you can be proud of her, we are! :-)