sâmbătă, 16 iulie 2011

Am terminat zilele trecute o comanda mare de snururi crosetate si ma bucur ca nu m-a prins canicula lucrand la ele. Mi-ar fi fost foarte greu sa lucrez repede si bine pe asemenea caldura. Poate va intrebati la ce s-ar putea folosi aceste snururi. Se pot aplica pe diverse proiecte decorative (lucrari de patchwork etc.), se pot folosi pentru decoratii de Craciun, oriunde va indeamna imaginatia. Eu am facut o curea de ceas pentru fiica mea, folosind un snur foarte lat, la care am atasat o catarama de la o curea de ceas veche. Iata cum a iesit: 

I finished a big order of crocheted ribbons and I am so glad I finished them before the hot weather started. It would have been too hot to work fast and well. Maybe you wonder what can these ribbons be used for: well, wherever your imagination leads you (applique for patchwork projects, Christmas decorations etc.). I made a watch belt for my daughter, this is how it looks like:

Iata cum arata snururile terminate / Here are the finished ribbons:

Si iata mica mea gradina de Flori de Piatra de la geamul de la bucatarie; e doar o jardiniera, dar imi este foarte draga mica mea gradina de flori. / Here it is my small Portulaca garden in front of my kitchen window; it's only a pot, but I love my small flower garden very much:


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Dear Jo spunea...

The watch looks wonderful with the crochet ribbon attached to it.
Now at least I know what the flowers were supposed to look like :))))) I know them and they are lovely.

Simone spunea...

I'm really looking forward to start selling your ribbons in my new webshop (almost finished)! I heard from Jolanda that you might come to the netherlands soon? Hope to meet you there!

Cristina spunea...

Hello, Simone! Welcome back home! :-) No, we won't come to NL, not this summer :-((( But who knows, maybe in autumn, or again in winter, like in all our trips until now! :-))) We can't imagine NL green, only cloudy and white and cold, like in December or in February-March ;-))).

Daniëlle spunea...

Your crochet work is great!! Love your flowers, beautiful colours!! Happy crocheting! Daniëlle

Cristina spunea...

Thank you for your kind words, Danielle! :-)