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Eram de cateva zile in Olanda si era momentul sa pregatim ceva bucate traditionale romanesti pentru prietenii nostri. Venisem pregatiti din tara cu aproape tot ce ne trebuia si nu puteam gasi acolo: malai, branza de burduf, ciolan afumat. Prima data am pregatit mamaliga cu branza de burduf si unt, alaturi de niste carnaciori nemtesti, caci in tara nu reusisem sa gasim rapid faimosii carnati de Plescoi. Am gatit cu emotie, sperand sa le placa tuturor. Se pare ca le-a placut :-). Numai la fotografii nu ma gandeam atunci, asa ca folosesc cateva imagini gasite pe internet.

We were in Netherlands for a few days now and we felt it was the moment to cook some traditional Romanian meals. We were prepared for this from home and I cooked with pleasure and a lot of excitement, hoping our friends would like the taste and the aromas. First I prepared a big Romanian polenta (it's a little more dense than the Spanish version and I make it adding a slice of butter and some thyme in the boiling water, for smoothness and flavor). On the plates we put some special kind of cheese, two slices of butter on top and then we added two-three spoons of hot polenta above all this. We also added on the plates some german sausages (we couldn't find the special Romanian kind of sausages we would have liked to have). Being nervous and excited, hoping for a good result, I never though of taking some pictures of the filled plates, so I will use some images found on the internet. 

Romanian polenta with cheese and butter
Se pare ca a iesit bine, desi ne-a fost greu sa mancam tot; acest fel de mancare e foarte satios, potrivit pentru serile reci de toamna si iarna, dupa efort fizic facut afara, in frig sau ger, romanii stiu asta :-).

It seems it was ok for almost everybody, but we all had difficulties in eating such a consistent meal; this is perfect for having it on late fall or winter evenings, after you made some physical effort in the yard. Of course, you can add a glass of red wine, simple or, if it is really cold outside, a hot red wine, spiced with a little sugar, some cinnamon and maybe a small seed of pepper. And if you would be among your family or friends, you would need nothing more! :-)

A doua mancare romaneasca nu putea fi alta decat celebra fasole cu ciolan afumat :-). Am facut pe toti sa saliveze, iar cainele era realmente in chinuri, din cauza mirosului aromat care se inalta din oala care forfotea usor pe soba. Eram bucuroasa ca mirosea atat de bine si ca toti erau foarte interesati de ce e in acea oala. Parca eram acasa si ne pregateam de Craciun, stiti mirosurile acelea din bucatarii, ceva racituri, poate paine la cuptor si ceva cozonaci... Ei, nebunie! :-) De data asta am avut succes total si s-a mancat tot! N-a apucat bietul caine cuminte nici macar un fir de carnita :-))).

The second traditional Romanian meal could only be the famous kidney beans with smoked pork. It is also a fall and winter meal, it is very easy to be made and it brought us total succes! :-))) While the meat was slowly boiling on the stove, with carot and celery root and onion, we were feeling like being in Romania two days before Christmas; this way of boiling the smoked pork is used for another special winter meal, made for the first time for the Christmas lunch. It was smelling so good, everybody was waiting to see and taste, the dog, the beautiful Simba, was looking at me with praying eyes :-))). Unfortunatelly for him, he didn't had the chance of at least one single byte, everything was gone in no time :-))). Sorry, Simba, next time! 

Beans with smoked pork
A treia mancare romaneasca a fost tochitura moldoveneasca cu mamaliguta, care a avut de asemenea succes. Nici de data asta Simba nu a gustat nimic, caci a fost cea mai rapida golire a farfuriilor din cate am vazut :-))).

The third traditional Romanian meal was something from Northen Moldova area we call Bucovina. It is also with polenta and it is also made from pork, this time the pork is cooked with a lot of onions, some garlic, salt and pepper, thyme and tomato piure and, mandatory, red wine. The sauce turned great and it was the second time poor Simba didn't get at least one byte, because the plates were empty in no time! :-)))

Moldavian pork with polenta
 Am fost la randul nostru rasfatati cu mancare buna; o data, cand era cald afara, am mancat un munte de cartofi prajiti, cu hamburgeri, carnati si salata. Alta data, vremea era umeda si rece, era innorat si trist totul, iar noi eram obositi. Atunci Jolanda ne-a pregatit o supa minestrone, calda, aromata, plina cu de toate, care a fost alegerea perfecta pentru acea zi mohorata. Cum spunem noi, supa aceea s-a dus direct la suflet. Dimineata era pregatit pentru noi un mic dejun copios si variat, cu ceai si cafea la alegere. Ei, dar am fost tratati si cu niste prajituri grozave, usoare si aromate, pe baza de aluat frantuzesc, o minune! In fiecare zi am baut ceaiuri parfumate, din care am cumparat si pentru acasa. Astfel, de cate ori bem din acel ceai, ne simtim conectati cu Jolanda si Reinier si parca suntem mai aproape de ei...

We also have been spoiled: once we ate a mountain of french fries, with hamburgers and sausages and salad. In another day, the weather was cold and wet, it was raining and the clouds were very low, it looked like late fall; we were tired and Jolanda made us a marvelous minestrone soup, that went straight to the soul, as we say. It was the perfect solution for that rainy day! Every morning we had rich breakfast in the cosy kitchen, with tea and coffee. And we have been also spoiled with some french pastry, with fruits and chocholate and lots of whipped cream, delicious! Everyday we drank tea, very good tea!, we bought some to have it at home also. Everytime we drink it, we feel connected to Jolanda and Reinier and we feel closer to them, inspite the distance between us...

Minestrone soup
Pastry with fruits

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