miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2011

Azi am rupt cateva ore din programul obisnuit si am facut un glob de Craciun, caci vremea se raceste bine si parca incepe sa miroase a sarbatori ;-). Nu e greu de facut, doar degetele dor dupa zecile de ace infipte in micul glob din polistiren :-))).

Today I managed to steal a few hours from my daily jobs and I made a Christmas decoration, since the weather is getting much colder and it starts to smell like winter holiday ;-). It's not difficult to make, only the fingers are hurting after the multitude of pins used to pin the fabrics on the little styrofoam ball :-))).

3 comentarii:

Dear Jo spunea...

It looks lovely!!!!!

Francien spunea...

Oh yours is beautiful Christina....i know the feeling...i have made recently some too...you have used great colors....greetings Francien.

Cristina spunea...

Thank you ladies for your kind words! :-)