sâmbătă, 12 noiembrie 2011

Hotarata sa nu ma mai las deturnata de la ce mi-e drag sa fac :-))), iata ce am reusit sa lucrez azi. Sunt franta, dar sunt multumita de ce a iesit.

Determined not to be hijacked again from what I enjoy doing :-))), here is what I managed to do today. I am exhausted, but I am pleased with what I did.

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Dear Jo spunea...

You are going to have an amazing Christmas Tree this year :)))) Are these the shapes you bought at Johanna's shop? I did not know what you were planning on doing with it, but now I know!
My Christmas Tree is going to be all natural this year, also filled with selfmade ornaments (if I find time to make them).

Francien spunea...

Love them Christina....well done!! greetings Francien.

Ela spunea...

Globuri am lucrat si eu dar clopotei nu!Succes in patchwork!

Cristina spunea...

@ Jolanda: Yes, these are bought at Johanna's wonderful shop :-))) I couldn't wait to try them ;-)))

@ Francien: Thank you! :-)

@ Ela: Multumesc! :-)