miercuri, 25 ianuarie 2012

Suntem in plina iarna, in sfarsit! Ninge de aseara incontinuu si va ninge inca. De parca iarna vrea sa recupereze timpul pierdut. 

We are in full winter here, finally! It snows since last night and it will continue to snow. There is an orange code for snowing and blizzard for almost half of Romania. It looks wonderful, but it is also dangerous. Trees have already fallen because of heavy snow, in the night everything will get frozen, we'll have very low temperatures all over the country. We hope this snow will be enough for the thirsty soil, although the draught was heavy. We had no significant rain since October... 

Desi afara ninge, in casa florile o duc foarte bine, unele chiar au inflorit :-))).

Although outside it's cold and it snows, inside my little garden the flowers are blooming :-)))


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