duminică, 12 februarie 2012

Ieri am iesit din Bucuresti pentru a incerca sa ajungem la casa de vacanta a socrilor mei, undeva spre Alexandria si a vedea care este situatia acolo. Drumul a fost bun, practicabil fara probleme. Satul e ingropat in zapada, dar oamenii au reusit sa se descurce binisor. Am reusit sa intram in curte dupa ce sotul meu a sarit gardul si a dat zapada deoparte, ca sa putem deschide poarta. Un strat de aproximativ 75 de centimetri de zapada umplea curtea. Am verificat totul si ne-am intors spre Bucuresti. Pe drumul de intoarcere am fotografiat o casa aproape complet acoperita de zapada.

Yesterday we went to my parents-in-laws' house, situated in a small village at 30 km from Bucuresti towards south-west. We wanted to check everything there, because we didn't know when this could be possible again. The road was fine, no problems in driving there. The village was almost covered in snow, but people managed to cut small access roads between their houses and the main road. The snow in front of my parents-in-law was big enough. We started to cut a small path so we could reach the fence; my husband had to jump over the fence and to dig in the snow an opening, so we could open the gate. The blizzard started again, making the cold more difficult to bear. In the yard we found around 75 cm of snow. We cut another path and we got everything checked. We managed to open our caravan and took an electrical heater (for some friends of ours, who didn't have enough warmth in their house). On our way out of the village, we took some pictures. We saw a house almost completely covered in snow. Look how high the snow was: that was a tree of about 4-5 m high.

Incepuse deja viscolul. Pe camp, soseaua, desi curatata, se umplea usor de fuioare subtiri de zapada adusa de vant. In zare, norii albi se confundau perfect cu ogoarele acoperite de zapada, pur si simplu nu vedeai unde se termina pamantul si unde incepe stratul de nori. In drum spre prietenii pe care urma sa-i vizitam (le duceam inca un incalzitor electric, ca sa faca fata frigului din casa), am mers pe soseaua de centura a Bucurestiului. Muntii de zapada curatata de pe drum atingeau in unele locuri peste trei metri inaltime.

We left the village and we headed towards Bucuresti again. The main road was still opened, but already thin snow was blown across it from the fields. The clouds were as white as the snow, so when you looked over the fields, you couldn't say where the fields were finished and where the clouds began. On the Bucuresti's road ring, the snow cleaned from the road was sometimes around 3 m high.

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KrisD spunea...

Stay warm & safe...thinking of you

Cristina spunea...

Thank you for your kind words! :-) We are warm and ok, but there are a lot others who are not so lucky :-(... Heavy winter!...