marți, 7 februarie 2012

Nu mai ninge de ieri, dar vantul a batut toata noaptea extrem de puternic, aproape sinistru. Curentul intre blocuri este ingrozitor. Acum cateva minute, ceva raze timide de soare au spart patura de nori. Geamurile sunt inghetate si arata ciudat langa plantele vesele si inflorite din casa. Toate zgomotele obisnuite ale strazii au disparut, totul fiind acoperit de zapada. 

It stopped snowing since yesterday, but the wind keeps blowing and blowing, like there is no tomorrow. The air currents between the bloks of flats are terribly strong. The wind howled in an almost lugubrious way all night long. Just a few minutes ago a few rays of sun managed to penetrate the clouds and made the light a lot nicer. The windows are partially covered in ice and look strange near the green and happy flowers from inside the room. We will enter the yellow code for cold (we are on the last hours of orange code for snow, ice and blizzard) and for the next two days almost half of the schools in the country will be closed.

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Dear Jo spunea...

We heard about the winds in your country. Wind makes it so much more unpleasant when it is cold. We have two or three more days of cold and by Sunday it will become warmer. Maybe there will time for the people in Friesland to organize the Elfstedentocht. We told you about that before. Skating a good 220 kilometres along eleven small towns. Everybody is crazy already. 16.000 people will start (if the ice will be thick enough, 15 cm everywhere). The last one was in 1997.
Keep it warm and sunny in your house for as long as the cold lasts ;)

Cristina spunea...

Wow, it sounds wonderful! We keep our fingers crossed so you will have the perfect weather for the race! :-) Please post some news about this, it will be very interesting to know and to see pictures eventually.

A warm hug for you! :-)