vineri, 3 februarie 2012

A venit ata de care aveam nevoie, asa ca am reusit sa termin prima parte a ceea ce trebuia sa fie surpriza mea. Si pentru ca nu mai trebuie sa ma grabesc, am mai multe idei despre cum sa continui, sper doar sa-mi iasa bine ;-))).

The thread I was looking for arrived and I finished the first part of what was supposed to be my surprise gift. And since I don't have to rush anymore, lots of ideas about how to go on are filling my mind. I just hope it will look nice in the end ;-))).

Aici iarna grea continua, avem viscol si ger cat cuprinde. Iata cum arata Marea Neagra inghetata:

Here the weather is terrible; -32 degrees is the record for now, blizzard and snow, closed roads, people who cannot get out of their houses because of the severe blizzard... A lot of difficulties we have here because of this extreme weather. But it is normal for this part of the Europe, we always had heavy winters in the past. A lot of people remember the famous 1954's winter, when Bucuresti looked like this:

Now it's not the case, because then we had massive snow (up to 5 meters!), while now we have not so much snow, but strong blizzard, which scatters the snow furiously (wind up to 100 km per hour!). There is though some beauty even in this situation. Look how Black Sea is frozen for up to 500 meters from the shore: 

tetrapods covered in ice

2 comentarii:

Dear Jo spunea...

Well it took some time, but we are in severe cold as well. Yesterday we had up to 10 cm of snow and last night we had -18 degrees. We were already preparing for spring, but winter caught us anyway. Love your pictures. We will send you ours one of these days :))))
A big hug!!!!

Cristina spunea...

Hmmm, "only" -18?! We did better, -20 in Bucuresti and -32 near the mountains! :-))))) And now it's raining :-(((...