duminică, 26 februarie 2012

Vremea se incalzeste cate un pic si parca se simte primavara. Sigur, va mai fi inca frig, mai avem "zapada mieilor" de trecut, dar una peste alta pare ca iarna isi face bagajele :-). Cu gandul la iubire si la primavara, am lucrat doua inimioare ;-). 

The weather is improving slowly and it feels like the spring is not too far. Of course, it will still be cold, we will have to pass the so-called "lambs snow", early in March, but overall the winter is packing her bags :-). Thinking of love and spring, I made these two hearts ;-).

Pe 24 februarie avem sarbatoarea Dragobetelui, zi in care se spune ca pasarile incep sa-si pregateasca un cuib, iar tinerii isi arata public afectiunea pentru cel ales / cea aleasa, incepand o logodna pentru un an, care se poate termina cu nunta. Nu suntem foarte religiosi, desi suntem foarte legati de spiritualitate, deci stiam de mult de aceasta zi, dar nu i-am acordat o atentie speciala. Pana acum, cand o intamplare haioasa ne-a confirmat traditia populara. Timp de cateva ore, pe 19 februarie, un zgomot ciudat s-a auzit in bucatarie, undeva in zona hotei. Ne-a dat seama ca erau vrabiute care, credeam noi, inviorate de caldura soarelui (era o vreme superba!), cautau de mancare. De fapt, spre seara ne-am prins: incercau sa faca un cuib in gura de evacuare a burlanului :-))). Ingrijorati ca ar putea reusi cat noi nu am fi acasa, ne-am hotarat sa le speriem, dar nici batutul in burlan, nici pornirea periodica a hotei la viteza maxima nu le-a facut sa renunte. Atunci am demontat burlanul, am astupat gaura de evacuare cu un capac si am stabilit ca vom cumpara un capac cu grila, care sa elimine problema :-))). 

Avem multi vizitatori inaripati la geamul de la bucatarie (vrabiute, porumbei, chiar si o ciocanitoare si inca un pasarel care canta dumnezeieste, nu stiu ce anume e, nici nu reusesc sa-l vad macar), semn ca primavara e aproape :-). Speram ca ploile sa ramana departe, pana ce stratul de zapada se va topi natural, incet, fara sa creeze suferinta nimanui, mai ales ca sunt destui cei loviti de furia iernii deja...

On 24th of February we traditionally celebrate Dragobete, it's about love and the rebirth of nature. They say that the birds start building their nests and that this is the day when young people show publicly their affection for someone dear. They even start a kind of engagement for a year, which can end with a wedding. They also say that women have to touch at least one man, so they will be loved all year long. Also the young men "chase" the girls that are "running away from them" and they must catch the dear one and kiss her publicly, so everybody knows they are engaged. If a girl didn't allow a young man to kiss her, than he was rejected. It was a nice and harm-free way to show affection publicly in times when this was a very serious matter and the rules were very strict. 

We are not very religiouos people, but we are connected to the spiritual part of life. We didn't pay too much attention to this celebration in the past, we saw it more like a reaction to the much too comercial St. Valentine's Day, something that has no connection to our culture. You see, in the communist era, when we were totally disconected from the rest of the free world, everything that westerners were having / doing / knowing / living was the greatest dream that one can have, for the most of us. That's why, when we got ourselves free, we were so "thirsty" to have / do / know / live like "those from the west", that we almost erased everything we were and we embraced everything that was coming from the west. It was madness!... We were like children, naive, full of hopes and dreams and absolutely sure we will live the best life ever, which will surely match all the hardship and the cold, hunger, fear and sacrifices we had lived before! Well, after 21 difficult years, we are slowing down, we are tired of borowing and trying to be someone we are not, so we remember better each day who we are, what are our traditions and what our way of understanding life is. So, we also remembered this celebration.  

I am always amazed by the deep wisdom you find in the old celebrations. This happened to us on the 19th of February, a splendid day, sunny and warm. We were spending some time together in the living room, when a strange noise attracted out attention: it was coming from the kitchen and we had a difficult time understanding what was going on. We were thinking that the little birds, warmed by the sun, where searching for food. They were making such a big noise, it was so nice and also fun to hear them! The strange noise continued all afternoon; we realized that there were two little birds trying to establish their nest in the exhaust hole from the kitchen hood. No matter what we did, they seemed to be convinced that it was the perfect place for them! :-))) We banged the exhaust tube, we started the hood at maximum speed, nothing worked, they flew and they turned back :-)))). Worried that they might nest there while we were away, we dismantled the tube, we covered the hole and we searched for a nice cover, with some kind of net, so we can use again the hood. A few days later we learned that this was the period when the birds are begining to build their nests, on Dragobete, the time for showing off the love, both in humans and in birds. So, the popular knowledge was right again! :-)

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Christine L spunea...

what a great story. Thanks for sharing... I am still waiting to hear back from my Mom about what part of Romania she is from :)

Cristina spunea...

I am so curious to find out where is she from! :-)