vineri, 2 martie 2012

Martisor, sarbatoare ce anunta primavara, imi trezeste in suflet din nou dorinta de a avea candva o casa pe pamant. Imi doresc foarte mult sa am o gradina in care sa ma pierd cand si cand printre copacii saditi de mana mea. 

Va doresc sa aveti parte de o primavara asa cum v-o doriti! :-)

Martisor, traditional celebration of the arrival of the spring. Made by two woven strands of wool, one white and one red, and offered to children by their mothers, or by men to women or by everybody to everybody, depending on the region, it was and still is the symbol for the rebirth of nature at the end of the winter and the begining of spring. It was also hanged by the horns of farm animals for keeping them healthy and strong through the year and also hanged on trees for they would be healthy and they will give lots of fruits. Some people are wearing it on the wrist all March, others only from 1st to 9th of the month.

There are also "the 9 old women", one for each day from the 1st until the 9th of March. The old legend tells about an old and almost evil woman, who, after some trials (different variations, depending on the region), got up on the mountain and got freezed there and after a while, turned into stone. Everyone has its "old woman", depending on her / his date of birth (for instance someone who is born on a day of 3 will have his / her "old woman" on the 3rd of March; someone who is born on a day of 15 will have his / her "old woman" on the 6th of March (1+5=6), someone who is born on a day of 29 (2+9=11; 1+1=2), will have his / her "old woman" on 2nd of March and so on.). Now, why all this, you wonder? Well, it's a form of divination: how will the weather be on the day of your "old woman", the same will be your whole spring. I wish you all a beautiful spring!


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KrisD spunea...

I love your regional lore. My "old woman" will be on day 8 (2+6). Hope she's happy! Have a wonderful spring!

Dear Jo spunea...

We wish you a wonderful spring too!!!! The Snowdrops are in full bloom and they remind me of you :)))

Cristina spunea...

@KrisD: Hm, you know that 8 means money, don't you? ;-) I will tell you how the 8th will be! :-)

@Jolanda: I am always associating the snowmen and the snowdrops with you! :-)))

Ela spunea...

O primavara frumoasa si inspiratie la patch!

Cristina spunea...

Multumesc, Ela! :-) Si pentru tine sa fie o primavara calda si frumoasa!