vineri, 10 august 2012

Am primit de la Ela o surpriza frumoasa, un premiu pe care il trimit mai departe cu drag urmatoarelor doamne creative si blogurilor lor frumoase:

Ulla , Lenna , Linda , Nellie si Greetje .

I received from one of my friends this sweet award and I am giving it to the talented ladies and their beautiful blogs from the above links. 

All they have to do is:
- to write a small post about this
- to put a link toward my blog, mentioning my name
- to offer it to other five bloggers
- to leave a comment on their blogs. 

Am primit un cadou superb pentru ziua mea, care a trecut deja de ceva vreme, de la parintii mei: o caseta din sticla pentru bijuterii si o sticluta pentru parfum, asortata cu caseta. In realitate ambele arata mai bine, nu reusesc sa le pozez mai bine de atat. 

Last night I received a splendid gift from my parents: a glass case for jewelry and an assorted small bottle for perfume. They both look much better in reality, I cannot take better photos.


2 comentarii:

GREETJE spunea...

Thank you so much for your award!!
You are so sweet!!

Cristina spunea...

You are welcome! I love your work and I had a wonderful day in Hattem last year, so, in a way, you are linked to that day also ;-). Thank you for your kind words! :-)