sâmbătă, 9 februarie 2013

M-am lasat dusa de inspiratie si de curiozitate si m-am inhamat la hexagoane. Credeam ca vor fi mai dificil de lucrat, dar se fac usor si dau dependenta :-). Odata ce le-am inceput, mi-a fost greu sa ma opresc, doar intepenirea spatelui si tensionarea tendoanelor de la mana dreapta m-au anuntat ca e cazul sa fac pauza. Am reusit totusi sa cos o prima parte. 

M-am inspirat dintr-un proiect care mi-a placut foarte mult (sigur, pastrand proportiile):

I let myself guided by inspiration and I tried the hexagons. They seem easier to work with than I thought and they are addictive :-). Once I began working, I had a hard time stopping, only the stiffness in my shoulders and the tension in my right hand yelled at me to stoooop :-))). However, I managed to sew a first part.

I was inspired by this project, which I like a lot (of course, I am a long way from the original and from the expertise of that talented lady):


Mi-au ramas cateva hexagoane din care am facut o floare pentru fiica mea:

There were some hexagons left, from which I made a flower for my daughter:

Concluzia mea: hexagoanele sunt haioase si usor de lucrat. Abia astept sa ma pot lucra din nou, de luni incolo.

In conclusion: a lot of fun! I can't wait to work again. 

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