duminică, 30 martie 2014

Am gasit in cufarul in care pastrez obiecte dragi si amintiri o batista pe care am primit-o cu ceva ani in urma. Mi-a placut din prima clipa, e atat de fina si de frumos decorata, incat am pus-o deoparte, cu grija.

From my treasure chest, here comes a lovely handkerchief, which I received some years ago. It's so thin and so nicely decorated, that I put it aside, carefully. 

Incerc sa va arat detalii / Here are some details, hopefully :

Pare sa fi fost lucrata de masina (atat cat ma pricep eu, nu foarte mult la asta), insa ma mir cum a putut fi brodat de o masina un material atat de fin si delicat. 

It seems to be made by machine (I think, I am not very good at this), but I am amazed that such a delicate and thin fabric could be machine embroidered.

Intre timp, quiltul cu flori de martisor creste, chiar daca nu voi reusi anul acesta sa-l si plasez undeva in casa in luna lui Martie. Dar nu-i nimic, va fi expus primavara viitoare :-).

Meanwhile, the red-and-white wall hangig quilt "flowers of martisor" is growing step by step, even I know I won't finish it in time to display it this March; but no problem, I will have it ready by next spring :-).

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