duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Continui povestea vacantei noastre cu ziua in care am urcat din nou pe Transfagarasan, de data aceasta impreuna cu parintii mei, care n-au mai fost acolo din anii '70, cand inca se lucra la sosea. Imi amintesc de acel drum, era vara, iulie-august, si totusi era foarte frig, iar pentru mine si sora mea, doar copile pe atunci, era uimitor ca putea fi atat de frig in plina vara :-). Tin minte faptul ca soldatii care faceau armata in zona erau pusi sa lucreze din greu la sosea, in conditii grele, si-mi amintesc de primul soldat care ne-a facut semn sa oprim masina, rugandu-ne sa-i dam ceva tigari daca aveam. Era doar un copil mai mare, rebegit de frig si de foame, cu ochii tristi si rugatori. Tata i-a dat un pachet de tigari uitat de cineva in masina la noi, iar mama i-a dat un pachetel cu ceva de mancare. Am plecat mai departe, urmariti de figura lui luminata brusc si de multumirile pe care continua sa ni le transmita fluturand bratele in urma noastra. L-am urmarit cu privirea pana cand o noua curba stransa l-a ascuns dupa o stanca. Ne-a impresionat puternic intamplarea, dar ceva mai tarziu, mai sus, spre Balea, am intalnit mai multi soldati, practic copii ceva mai mari decat noi, pusi sa lucreze la sosea; toti ne cereau ceva de mancare si, eventual, tigari. Din pacate, nu mai aveam nimic la noi si ni s-au strans sufletele de mila lor. Sus, la peste 2000 de metri altitudine, era frig de-ti inghetau oasele... 

I continue the story of our summer holiday and I tell you about the day we went to Balea Lake. It is situated in Fagaras Mountains, at around 2040 meters altitude and it can be reached by car, on the most beautiful road in the world (as the Top Gear team declared), the Transfagarasan Road. 

Knowing that my parents haven't been there since the '70, when the road was in construction, we decided to surprise them and to take them to Balea Lake. We remembered that trip in the '70, it was July or August and my sister and me were amazed at how cold it was, it was really freezing! We also remembered the young soldier, who was serving in the army for two years (as it was mandatory back then). He stopped our car and asked for cigarettes and maybe something to eat. His eyes were sad, he looked starving and frozen. He begged for forgiveness for stopping us. My father gave him a package of cigarettes left by somebody in our car and my mother gave him something to eat. The soldier seemed to come back to life, smiled happily and thanked us, and thanked us, and thanked us, and waved a long "goodbye" to us as we left him. We were very touched by this, but then, when we reached Balea Lake we meet a lot of soldiers, freezing and starving, who asked us for food and cigarettes. We had no more and we felt so sorry for them. They were very young and looked so miserable...

Iata cateva din pozele facute / Here are some of the pictures we've made

Balea Lake, 2040 m altitude
Si iata drumul, in toata splendoarea lui / And here is the road, in all its glory

Superb! Am facut poze, am respirat aerul rece, am adunat ceva pietre (peste tot pe unde merg, caut pietre frumoase, nu ma pot abtine :-)). Apoi am observat ca "scama" de ceata care era in vale se transformase treptat in ditamai norul cenusiu si se hotarase sa urce cat de sus putea. Intr-un sfert de ora devenise asemenea unui dragon suparat, cate se lipise cu burta de fata muntelui si inghitise tot in calea lui urcand, urcand... Am decis ca e mai intelept sa coboram si am plecat. Pe drum ne-am intalnit cu dragonul... ascunsese tot, padure, stanci, drum. Indraznise chiar sa se agate de botul masinii, in asa fel incat abia mai zaream farurile aprinse si ceva vag din marcajul de pe sosea. Dar nu ne-am lasat impresionati si am continuat sa coboram cu grija. Suparat probabil, ne-a cadorisit cu o ploaie nebuna cand am reusit sa iesim de sub burta lui :-))). 

Gorgeous! We took pictures, we enjoyed the fresh and cold air, we picked some small stones (it's a habit of mine, to pick a few stones I find beautiful or interesting wherever I go). Then we noticed that the "small speck of fog" down the valley turned into a real, huge grey cloud, looking like a dragon who was crawling step by step on the face of the mountain, trying to reach the top. It was time to go. We met the dragon on our way down, he was hiding everything in it's path, the forest, the rocks, the road... and he was even trying to  swallow our car. We could barely see the lights and some signs on the road... But we didn't show any sign of weakness and we passed under his big grey belly, so, being probably angry he lost us, he "blessed"us with a heavy cold rain.

vineri, 19 septembrie 2014

Lunile de vara au trecut, cu tot alaiul de emotii, munca si eforturi la care ne-am asteptat. Ne-am luat vacanta la sfarsitul lui august si am plecat la munte. Cele zece zile au trecut nici nu stim cand... Si la revenirea acasa, viata ne-a luat de proaspeti si ne-a pus la treaba din nou. Ma uit la ultima postare si mi se pare ca e dintr-o alta viata parca... Ce mult a trecut de atunci! Si cat de ingrozitor de repede a trecut timpul totusi! Pozele facute in vacanta sunt aici, in fata mea, dovada a vacantei noastre, insa ne fac sa simtim ca nu a fost de ajuns, ca mai intrau in noi cateva zile de relaxare, de odihna, de rupere de cotidianul complicat si obositor. Cine stie, poate ca daca ne dorim suficient de mult, poate vom mai reusi sa rupem cateva zile de vacanta mai tarziu, spre iarna, inainte de sarbatori.

Summer is over, as well as the emotions, hard work and efforts of the first half of this year. We had ten days of holiday and we went to the mountains. Those ten days passed so fast like they almost never really been there. And when we returned home, life took charge again, in full force, as if we were well and strong again, but we were not. I look at the last post here and it seems to be from another life... So many days since then! And so fast they passed! I look at the pictures taken in august and I feel we might have had a few more days of rest and peace before coming back home. Oh well, who knows, maybe we will be able to steal a few days of rest later, at the end of the fall, before the winter holidays. 

Iata cateva din pozele facute in vacanta, in Brasov, pe Transfagarasan, la Sambata de Sus. Primele sunt din Brasov, un loc atat de drag noua!

Here are some of the pictures taken in Brasov, on Transfagarasan, at Sambata de Sus. The first pictures are taken in Brasov, a place we simply love!

Brasov - intrarea in orasul vechi / entering the old city
Brasov, Strada Sforii - cea mai ingusta strada din lume / Rope Street - the narrowest street in the world
Brasov - Strada Sforii / Rope Street
Brasov - Piata Sfatului / The Main Square
Brasov - Biserica Neagra / The Black Church
Brasov - Piata Sfatului, targ de mestesuguri / The Main Square, traditional fair