sâmbătă, 8 noiembrie 2014

Proteste pentru alegeri libere,

 anuntate pentru 

sambata 8 noiembrie, la ora 18:00

in toate marile orase ale tarii

sibiu protest
Proteste la Sibiu
Proteste la Timisoara
Proteste pentru organizarea de alegeri libere sunt programate, sambata, incepand cu ora 18:00, in cele mai mari orase ale tarii: Bucuresti, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Oradea, Deva, Targu Mures, Sibiu si Craiova. "Facem primul pas spre o Romanie normala, spre seriozitate, respect reciproc si demnitate. Vom arata ca vrem o schimbare si vom arata ca suntem mandri sa sustinem o Romanie normala! Este timpul sa demonstram ca nu existam numai pe Facebook si ca ne putem face auziti in mod pasnic si civilizat!" scriu organizatorii pe pagina de Facebook a evenimentului. Proteste sunt anuntate si in afara tarii: la Londra, Paris si Viena.

On Saturday, the 8th of November, at 18:00, large meetings are organized in many major cities in Romania. People will gather to support the Romanian diaspora, which had way too little chance to vote on the first round of elections for the next president, due to the incredible shortage of proper space to vote and the unbelievable way the government organized the whole process.

It was clear to everyone that it was government's intention to block the Romanians from abroad to vote, because they always massively vote against the left parties, former comunists, which now are in power due to a coup-d'etat in 2012. Long queues were formed at every voting place on the 2nd of November, thousands and thousands of people (from hundreds of kilometers away) waited for a chance to cast their votes. It didn't matter for the organizers that they will not get to vote, since the whole process was deliberately slowed down by all kind of unnecessary administrative regulations. The internet is filled with videos made by Romanians in every voting place, which show what happened. Here are some pictures:

Voting queue in Roma
Voting queue in Paris
(w500) Bruxelles
Voting queue in Bruxelles
Voting queue in Berna, Swizerland
Voting queue in Stuttgart, Germany

 In 8 noiembrie de la ora 18:00,
 noi, bucurestenii, 
le vom fi alaturi 
fratilor nostri de peste hotare. 

Intalnirea va avea loc in Piata Universitatii.

Surse text si foto: Gandul, HotNews, Romania Curata

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